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Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope 2015 is wonderful for you!

During my time off this week I have been looking at jewelry magazines.  I know, shocking.  In the Summer 2014 issue of Jewelry Affaire there is an article called “Experimenting with Cord Jewelry” that has a whole bunch of beautiful jewelry in a style I just love.  I had looked at the article when I got the magazine and wished my cord jewelry looked as nice.  This time I actually read the article and found that it and the jewelry were by Sandra Younger, inventor of the Knotty Do-It-All, a tool to help make knotting jewelry easier.

This was exiting to me because last summer I went to an art supply swap and had picked up the Knotty Do-It-All kit without really knowing what it was and had not really explored using it yet.  The more I learn about it, the more I know I got a great deal (free!)  After reading this article, I decided to check out the instructional DVD that came with the kit.  I watched two of the tutorials, and this morning I decided to try some of the techniques.

KDIA roundThe board with its clips and pegs that fit tightly into holes to hold works in progress really does make knotting easier.  I found it more stable than my macrame board with t-pins.

I used a beautiful Round Rabbit heart pendant. I wanted to try the technique of “moose knot” to attach the pendant and finish the ends.

RR heart close

You can’t really see the knot well here, but what I like about it, particularly for the ends, is that it is secure yet neat.  One thing I rarely like about my knotted jewelry is the ends.  This taught me more techniques to finish my ends in a way that was easy to learn.

Another technique that kind of amazed me with its simplicity and efficacy was how to evenly space knots.  I think I did pretty well for my first try.  In the past I’ve just kind of eyeballed it and had mixed results.

KDIA spaced

I would still like to get my knotting a bit tighter, but I think this is probably the best I’ve ever done by using Sandra’s tips.

I look forward to trying more things on the Knotty Do-It-All.  I think the ease of use will encourage me to make things I’d like to make more often but that in the past seemed like a bit of a hassle such as wrap bracelets.  Being able to pull things taut on the pegs as opposed to the unstable feeling of t-pins on a macrame board really appeals to me.  It helps me keep my strands in order (and so did some of the clear tips Sandra gave on the video.)

KDIA with RR fullI’m really pleased with how easy the board was to use and how well I was able to follow the instructions.  I’m interested in trying more techniques and also some of the different stringing materials Sandra talks about.

I feel so lucky to have just happened upon this product!  I know it will really help me make more knotted jewelry that I am proud of going forward.  Knotting is one of my favorite techniques, and I learned a lot about it last year.  So I am thrilled to have found something that will help me improve even more this year.