I like briolette shaped beads.  I think it’s a very pretty shape.  I don’t use them often partly because I haven’t mastered a good briolette wrap and partly because the way they hang can limit what I can do with them.  (I’m sure other people have many creative ideas for them!)

A while ago I bought this beautiful bracelet by Lorelei Eurto using briolettes. She just let them fall as they may.  Not only is it beautiful, but it feels great on. So with that image in my head, I began adding to my briolette collection and thought I could work a few in to a piece here and there.  Then that morphed in my mind to creating a necklace just with a bunch of briolettes.  I thought the hodge-podge-y-ness of it would appeal to me.  I was right!

Briolette necklaceI was very unlike myself when I designed this.  I didn’t worry that they were different sizes, materials, faceted or not, etc.  I added some pretty copper chain and a clasp.  I think it turned out great.  I like how it looks kind of sculptural. As we head deeper into winter, this reminds me of the spring to come.