Does it count as buying beads if I’m buying old beads that already exist?  I keep threatening to cut down on my bead buying.  I need to stop buying so much and use more.  Well, maybe this is a baby step.  Or I’m an infant who just found my feet.

This weekend I did more antique/junk store buying.  My parents recently moved to the town where I have lived for more than 20 years, and they have in a few months sniffed out half the antiques stores, junk shops and estate sale companies in the metropolitan area.  To my benefit.

When I am at these places, “me” type of beads really catch my eye, such as this Anne Dick necklace.AnneDickThese beads really appeal to me.  I love how the necklace is put together, but I will be taking it apart.  I looked up the name after buying it and learned a little about the designer, and even bought a second similar necklace online with a square version of this bead.  But still from a thrift shop!

At the same antiques mall, my parents and I bought this necklace.JouxliThis one appears to be from a jewelry business in Denmark called Jouxli.  It was a long strand, so we decided to share it.  This shows one of my sections and the clasp that my parents generously let me have.  The proprietor of the mall didn’t think much of our taste.  We put this in our pile first and then I asked to see the Anne Dick piece.  She said, “You sure do love globby beads.”  That made me laugh.  We sure do!

While things like the above catch my attention, slightly more mundane things that I also like don’t, especially if they are hanging with bunches of other jewelry.  But luckily, my mother has the eye and will point things out to me such as these neat (clay?) beads.  What great texture!

clayAnd these plastic beads I’m hoping to pair with some vintage lucite I have for a long, retro necklace.

fall plasticI got a few more things, and I also always get things for the house (cloth napkins with a lace edge, an old glass juice reamer).  I do have a great time, but I’m going to strive in upcoming posts to show more things I’ve actually made rather than just things I’ve bought.  Buying sure is easier, though!