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I thought I would take you on a tour of some new things I’ve gotten in the last couple of months.  I wasn’t having a lot of luck getting really good pictures when I took these, but one of the things I got was some new (old) books for photo props.  I was  at our main public library which fairly recently experienced a major overhaul.  It is a beautiful space.  They have a small Friends of the Library store, and I bought three art books ($3!) for photo props.

SummerWindArtHere are some Summer Wind Art beads on the page of a book about art nouveau.  I had been eyeing things in this shop for a while.  The hand painted wood pendants finally encouraged a purchase.

GeneaBeadsThis is a beautiful bead from Genea that I got in a destash sale by Marla James of Marlas Mud.  Not only did I get some fantastic deals, but the sale was a lot of fun.

EarthenwoodSkullThis beautiful skull pendant is from Earthenwood Studio that I got in the same destash.  I love the ghost-like figures in the background.  Perfect setting for a skull.metalsIsn’t this a great bunch of metal I got in the destash?  The bronze sugar skull, metal hoops and textured donut are by Staci Smith of Staci Louise Originals. The turtle and shell charms are by Lesley Watt of THEA Elements.  The circle charms and bail are by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson who has opened a new shop for her components Metapolies on etsy as well as being one of the shops at Artisan Component Marketplace.

tinI got both of these tins at a thrift shop for less than $1.50.  Love it!  By the time I ever get a disc cutter, I will have an impressive collection of tins waiting for me.

RoundRabbitclam2Here are some beauties by Nancy Schindler Adams of Round Rabbit.  I had forgotten I ordered them when I saw a post with them.  I was regretting being so frugal when these arrived in the mail!  I was very pleased.  I think this background from one of the books works very well.

JoanMillerPorcelainThese fun beads are by Joan Miller Porcelain, also from the destash.  I was having a lot of trouble getting a half-way decent shot of these.  Super shiny beads are always difficult for me.  This plain box lid from the Round Rabbit beads was the best background of the bunch.  Anything in a pinch.

I hope you enjoyed this tour.