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Here is just a quick post with some new beads.

First are some beads from Sharyl McMillian-Nelson‘s (of Sharyl’s Jewelry) new shop Metapolies.  Some of the first metal art components I ever bought were from Sharyl’s Artfire shop.  Now she has opened a new shop on etsy.  She had grand opening festivities for Metapolies as well as sales in both shops.  As part of the grand opening, she had a drawing for some goodies, and I was one of the winners.  At the same time, I took advantage of the sale to buy some autumn color beads I kept going to look at in her store.  (When you keep going back, it’s time to make the purchase.)  She also generously included a beautiful purple/wine floral pendant that I am currently in love with.


The packaging was beautiful also, but I got home late last night when it was dark. There was no way I was going to be able to preserve the package to take a picture when it was light.  I wanted to see the beads!  I wanted to include a piece of the tissue and her card, though.  She has a wonderful polkadot branding that I just love.  It’s very happy and distinctive.  Follow the dots all the way to her stores!

Next up we have Eclectic Prairie.  Jenny Gohlson-Morris’ store has a motto that kind of describes my purchasing philosophy.  “Life is short.  Buy the beads!”  I will just admit right now that when people post pretty pictures of their beads on Facebook, I am apt to follow the link to their store and purchase them. Especially during a sale.  (It’s even easier to convince myself then.)  She also included some very generous extras in my package.

Eclectic Prairie

The rustic bead set on the left was posted on Facebook, and I knew I had to have it.  I love the different shapes, the browns, the designs.  I love that little frame (I’m thinking toggle).  And then while I was there I had to get some classic pastels.  I mean really.  I’m so thrilled with these beads.

Finally we have an old favorite – Gaea – and I’m noticing a theme.  I also got some of these on sale.  She had some destash sets.  Of course while I was there I fell in love with that diamond raspberry button.  Isn’t it delicious? And again a few extras.  I love extras because it means more beads!


I can’t spend my whole day ogling pretties.  I actually have to get going.  But I love reading posts seeing new beads other people get (read a couple just this morning) so I wanted to share as well.  Have a wonderful day!