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Art Bead Scene posts a monthly challenge using an inspiration piece of art to prompt our own creativity.  This month it was a painting, The Indian Rug, by Anne Redpath.  The rule is that you must use an art bead.


I really love the inspiration this month.  The darker, muted colors* are beautiful, and I find them calming.  I also find the subject mater comforting and appealing.  The scene speaks to me of  a lovely home someone really enjoys which is my favorite thing to do!  I don’t know much about colors (except what I like, and I like almost everything) but we are lucky that Brandi Hussey gives us information and a palette each month. (*Brandi is why I know to call these “darker, muted colors”).  Looking at the painting, I knew I had a pendant by Nancy Schindler Adams of Round Rabbit in keeping with the palette.  Soon after deciding that, I was stalking Rebecca Watkins‘ store Artybecca and saw the perfect polymer clay beads to go with the pendant! Clearly it was meant to be.

ABS Aug BeadLove 2

I combined the pendant and polymer clay beads with some dyed jade and finished it in the back with chain made of large jump rings and colored rings with pops of the brown and red from the painting.  I added twists of WoolyWire at the connection points to make them prettier and chose a shade that has a little wine and green.

ABS Aug pm

I had a great time with this month’s challenge.  Thanks, Art Bead Scene!