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I have two reveals today.  If you are looking for the Summer Carnival Blog Hop Reveal, please click HERE.

Melissa Trudinger of Boho Bird Jewellery had a great idea for a blog hop – use haberdashery items such as buttons and ribbon – to make jewelry items.


I love this idea and know I will continue to visit the Pinterest page Melissa put together for this hop long after the hop is over.  There are so many things I’d like to try!  But for now, I will show you the things I actually made.  Soon after I signed up for the hop, I found myself in an antiques store and one booth had all manner of notions – perfect!  I fell in love with some 1930s fabric and bought it with some coordinating buttons.


I cut some of the fabric scraps into strips and braided it to use as the front part of a necklace.  I love Nancy Schindler Adams‘ double sided beads sold in her Round Rabbit store and can rarely resist them.  So, it’s not surprising I happened to have one in colors to match the fabric. I used that for a pendant.  I had planned something less bohemian for the rest of the necklace, but I also find it hard to resist a colorful mix of beads like African “christmas” beads, and some were sitting out on my bead table while I was working on this necklace. They managed to work their way in, and I’m quite happy with how the necklace turned out.  I love all that texture in the front, and I think the button I used for the closure goes with it perfectly!

BeadLove - Haby Hop pm collage

Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio had used some fabric covered bead cord made by her mother in a few projects featured on her blog.  I absolutely fell in love with the cord and bought some the second I could.  I feel about it like I feel about beads; I love them most just as themselves.  I thought the bead cord would be good for this challenge, but I didn’t want to “fussy” it up so it was no longer itself.  The bracelet I made was kind of a hard piece to photograph.

BeadLove - Haby Hop bracelet full

BeadLove- Haby Hop bracelet long

The color I used, Misty Mauve, has some olive green in it, and I had a length of flat leather in the same color.  I sewed the bead cord to the leather using two delicately etched mother-of-pearl buttons.

BeadLove - Haby Hop bracelet button

I wanted the beaded part of the cord to lay down nicely, so I wrapped waxed linen in between each bead to tack it to the leather.  I considered a variety of ends, and decided some hammered end caps would work.  Thinking about it now, I might have used the wider ribbon ends.  I like how it turned out because it really highlights the bead cord, which is the thing I love!

BeadLove - Haby Hop bracelet cord

Thank you to Melissa for hosting this very fun and challenging hop!  Please click on the links below to see the wonderful haberdashery inspired creations of the other participants.

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