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Janine Lucas of Esfera Jewelry makes beautiful creations.  She is also generous and regularly has interesting interviews with bead artists on her blog which include a giveaway.  She recently posted an interview with artist Linda Newnham of Earthshine Beads.  I encourage you to check out Janine’s blog. There are many fascinating interviews about how artists came to their medium and current positions.  There are also lovely pictures.  The interview with Linda shows some of her jewelry.  One necklace look like a waterfall, another like a Chihuly sculpture!

I entered the giveaway and was thrilled to win a bracelet made by Janine with some Earthshine beads.  Her jewelry design is very much my style, especially her bracelets (my favorite type of jewelry to wear).  I got to pick from two designs – both gorgeous – and on top of that she would make it to fit.  She did, and it fits perfectly!  I really appreciate Janine’s generosity and her design skill. The bracelet is so beautiful I want to share it with you.

First the box:

EsferaPackageThe bow was actually nicer, but I started to open it before I realized I should take a picture.  Typical.  Now the bracelet.

EsferaBracelet2Isn’t it wonderful?  I love every bead.  I really enjoy the little touches too like the pretty clasp, the small jump rings over the connecting bit of linen and especially her cute little brand tag “esfera”!  Of course Linda’s beads are a beautiful part of the bracelet as well.

It feels great on and fits exactly how I like it.


Here is a picture that shows some of the color a bit better.


I took these pictures a bit late in the day and was concerned I wouldn’t have enough light.  Then it was almost like this bracelet can’t take a bad picture.  So here is one more just for fun. EsferaBracelet1

I love my bracelet and will wear it often.  Thank you, Esfera Jewelry!