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I managed to get myself signed up for two blog hops on the same day – August 2nd.  I had signed up for Lisa Lodge’s Summer Carnival Blog Hop quite a while ago.  More recently, Melissa Trudinger announced the Haberdashery Blog Hop. It was such a fun idea, I jumped at the chance.  When I was putting the widget for that on the sidebar of my blog, I saw that the reveal is also August 2nd!  I’ll have to do a little fancy footwork that day with my posts, but I know I’m going to have a lot of fun.  Let’s have a little preview, shall we?

Summer Carnival Blog Hop


When Lisa sends a kit for a blog hop, she’s not kidding around!  It is always chock-full of beads as you can see here.  Cultured sea glass and tiara crystals. Those free form sea glass beads are a favorite of mine, so I’m sure they will make an appearance.  The crystals are a bit more of a challenge, although interestingly those are what I started working with first.  I have never been good with two holed beads, so those juicy orange rectangles will also be a challenge.

Haberdashery Blog Hop


The Haberdashery Hop does not come with a kit, but not long after I signed up, I was in an antiques mall.  I wandered into one booth that had old fabrics, buttons, lace and other notions.  I told my companions to go on without me; I was going to be a while!  I love prints from the 1930s and ’40s, and these scraps from the ’30s called out to me.  I thought these buttons might come in handy as well.

Please come back on August 2nd to see what I (and all the other participants) make for not one but two fun hops!