I’ve been busy making things for blog hops and what have you, so I don’t have anything I can show yet.  But I thought I would highlight another piece made back in the day that I still appreciate.  Like so many things that I made in the past, it features a lot of sterling silver, this time with colorful resin beads.


This picture isn’t the best.  I took it when I was considering headers for this blog and knew almost nothing about taking pictures.  That orange is so jarring.  This blog is now over a year old, and I’ve learned so much!

Looking at this necklace I thought, I miss really those very pretty sterling silver commercial clasps that seemed readily available, like the one on this necklace. It prompted me to look for some similar things in other metals, and they are out there.  I just need to get some.

It’s always fun to look back and see that some pieces I made years ago have stood the test of time.