The Art Jewelry Elements blog is home to a very talented group of artists.  They have a Component of the Month challenge hop, and this month I was the lucky recipient of one of the beautiful components by Linda Landig.  A lovely little flower pendant:

LindaLandigCOMI contemplated this pendant for a while and looked at different things I could use with it.  I considered some crackled brown dyed jade or various pink beads and stones to bring out that touch of pink in the middle.  I considered some rustic browns to bring out the rustic side.  But in the end I really found this pendant to be quite romantic in feeling.  I had some purplish keshi pearls I thought looked lovely with it and added to that romantic look.  But as I was putting the necklace together, I found that the rough nature of the pearls meant that they took up too much space near where the pendant hung.  I did not want to add what I considered a distracting element by having anything too large that would help the pendant hang further away from the strung pearls.

I spied a ribbon on my beading table that was braided with some other fibers I hadn’t ended up using in another project.  The ribbon was the perfect colors.  So many of my creations are the result of that kind of happenstance of what is on my table at the time.  But it was meant to be because the colors are so spot-on! When I put the pendant on the ribbon, I loved how it looked.  It had almost a Victorian feeling of a cameo on a velvet ribbon.

BeadLove - LLRibbon2

But I thought I can’t just put this on a ribbon and a call it a day!  So I went back to the pearls and thought I’d combine the two.  I added some brown stone beads toward the tops of the pearl strand.  I also recently started experimenting more with wire, and used one of my own copper clasps.  When I wasn’t happy with how much the crimp covers hid, I added some small jump rings, a trick I saw Erin Prais-Hintz write about.

PM BeadLove LL

While it was difficult to narrow down which beads to use, and I’m sure I could have made a dozen beautiful pieces based on this lovely pendant, I’m quite pleased with how this necklace came out.  I have some more of Linda’s ceramic pieces, so I will definitely get the chance to make more.

Thank you so much to Linda and Art Jewelry Elements for allowing me to play along this month.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.  Please click on the links below to see what the other participants made with Linda’s beautiful garden-themed ceramic components.

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