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I love buying new bead and jewelry books.  They are so filled with inspiration and information.  They are also plain fun to look at!  But there is competition for your beading money.  I like to buy new books I absolutely must have to get them right away and support the artist/writer.  When a book is worth having but not at the top of your list, or you see someone’s copy of an out of print book, you still might be able to get it.  One way is your local library sale. 

My mom recently went to a book sale at her local library and bought two beading books for me.  She told me I didn’t have to keep them if I didn’t want them.  WHAT?  Of course I want them.  


The first is Beading Inspiration: How to use color in jewelry design by BeadStyle Books.  This book talks about how to use not only the color wheel but also color in nature, fabric, and artwork to inspire jewelry designs.  This is definitely something I can use.  I tend to be a bit haphazard when it comes to putting colors together, so this book will be fun to use to challenge myself to think outside the box.

ImageThe second book is Polymer Clay Beads by Grant Diffendaffer published by Lark. This book gives a lot of information about different polymer clay techniques which I might use one day to make my own beads.  What it really offers right now is a fabulous amount of eye candy.  In addition to the beautiful beads shown as examples of different techniques, there is a gallery in the last part of the book highlighting the work of some wonderful polymer artists.  It’s always amazing the variety of looks that can be achieved with polymer clay.

I am going to have a wonderful time looking through these books again and again.  Thanks, Mom!  A tip for used books: they can be cleaned by wiping the covers down with a little bit of lighter fluid.  Avoid any ripped areas because the fluid can soak in and stain when there isn’t the coating typical on the covers of books.  Happy reading!