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I went to a local art supply swap meet called the Re-Art SWAP.  I’d heard about it before, but I had never been.  This year I was determined to take some of my supplies that I no longer use to help open up my creative space.  I’m going to apologize right up front for all the bad pictures.  I took the first one at night and today the sun will automatically go behind a cloud every time I get up with my camera.  

Here are four bags packed and ready to go last night. 

ImageI had mostly card making and scrapbooking stuff.  The Sizzix die cut machine was so heavy.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take it.  I live a car-free life, and I had to haul all this stuff to the bus stop.  It was a little slow going. The worst part wasn’t hauling it but that I had forgotten to spray Buzz Away on. I have more giant mosquito bites!  

I also had a light board, dozens of rubber stamps (a really varied and cool selection if I do say so myself) lots of paper and card stock, some yarn and raffia.  While looking through drawers, I found some fiber that I can use for jewelry making under the raffia and yarn.  I have to look more closely at it; I was in a packing frenzy.  I think it is either hemp or cotton cord.  There were colored pencils, a whole caddy of fancy edge scissors, some punches and some embossing powder.  I was going to take my embossing gun, but I remembered a jewelry project my mom has that requires the gun, so I’ll donate that some other time after we use it.  I love it that my unused things are finding happy new homes.  

Of course I couldn’t just leave without looking around, and I did pick up a few things.  First was The Knotty Do-It-All.  

ImageThe big board (underneath all the other stuff in the picture) was sitting on a table, and I was kind of thinking it looked like a giant version of the cribbage board we had when I was a kid.  I am planning to make tassels, and I thought this board could come in handy for that.  But where were the pegs?  Another woman at the swap very nicely said, “This goes with it” and handed me a box. Inside was the smaller board, a bag with pegs and other parts, a brochure and an instructional DVD!  So I stuffed it all in my bag.  I was thinking on the way home this was the thing I would regret taking, but looking at their website, they have some cute things.  Also, they do say it’s good for tassel making.  So, we’ll see.  

Then I saw someone pick up a perfectly new macrame board to move it out of the way.  When she put it down, I swooped in.

ImageI have a macrame board, but I can see a day coming when I’ve poked it so many times with my t-pins that I will need a new one.  Well, this one will be waiting for that day in my closet. 

And you know I couldn’t leave the space without some beads.  I got a really nice ceramic looking pendant. 

ImageI also got some colorful wooden beads.  The hippie part of me can’t pass up brightly colored wooden beads!  The tubes of small beads are something I have purchased before and used often.  I only have a tiny amount left, so I was pretty happy to find those.  The larger colored wooden beads were in a bag with some other beads.  I was standing there picking them out and putting them in this bag with the tiny copper face charms I had found.  I cracked myself up, but I did not want to bring home a lot of stuff I wouldn’t use.  That would defeat the purpose. 

ImageThen I saw some potentially useful neutral beads.  These all looked like they could be good accent beads in various projects.  There was another large baggie with different sizes and shapes of wooden beads.  I almost picked out the square ones, but I thought that was going too far and decided to move on.

ImageA lot of stuff at a swap meet like this is dusty, crusty stuff that has been down in someone’s basement since the ’70s.  It can be kind of fun to see a brand you recognize and would buy yourself like these crimp covers.  

ImageI also picked up some black metal bead caps.  The picture is too dark to show, but I thought it was possible they could come in handy for Andrew Thornton‘s upcoming Dark Bloom Challenge.  They fit in with the color theme, and I never have bead caps when I want them. Of course there were buttons.  Nothing fancy, but the black ones in this baggie had a pleasing design.  I decided to go whole hog and take the entire bag.

ImageAll this booty was in the bead area.  I dropped most of my stuff off in the paper arts area.  There was a large fabric section which got my lovely sari silks that I bought years ago and some ’50s inspired fabric I used to cover a chair cushion and have a shade made in my craft room.  

I looked around to see if there were some fabulous bead storage items like printer’s trays or something but nothing at the time I was there.  I managed to leave behind all the tins I saw because none of them were very colorful.  All in all, I had a great time.  I was absolutely thrilled to remove all of those unused supplies from my space as well as find a few treasures I will actually use.  If there is anything like this near you, I encourage you to go!