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Anyone reading this blog knows I love beads.  I really love buttons too.  They come in so many varieties and have such personality.  Recently my sister and her girlfriend were in the Netherlands.  They asked what I wanted, and of course I said if they could find some beads or buttons, I would love it.  They picked me up a variety of really cute buttons and some ribbon!

ImageNothing more perfect for me, right?

In keeping with my intention to take advantage of supplies available to me at craft stores, I stopped in at Jo-Ann and bought some things.  I wanted to get some embroidery thread.  I don’t know much about it, so I hope what I got will be good for my project.

ImageIn the button aisle, some silver buttons first caught my eye.  I like their pretty, old-fashioned look.

ImageThen I clearly fell in love with this Organic Elements brand.


A few aisles over, I was thrilled to find Jo-Ann carries Vintaj products.  

ImageI never have enough chain.  Although there are several websites I want to try, there is no substitute for being able to pick up a few quick lengths of chain when I am out and about.  

Last but not least, I want to show a picture of my cute little basil plant.

ImageI get one each year with my community supported agriculture share.  It’s fun to watch it grow and thrive.  I love having fresh basil just out on my porch all summer.  Some years I barely even have to water it because the rain comes often enough to take care of that.  We’ll see what this year brings.