Art Jewelry Elements is a fabulous blog with multiple contributors.  I have learned so much since I started following this blog.  The artists post about their processes, share tutorials, and muse about all things jewelry, beads and other components.  Speaking of components, they have a regular Component of the Month giveaway and blog hop.  The contributors and several lucky winners get a component from one of the artists, make something with it and then participate in a blog hop to share their creations.

Linda Landig is the artist generously providing the June Component of the Month.  She has recently begun working in ceramics, and I’m really loving her work.  I already have a couple of her ceramic pieces, and then I was one of the fortunate people chosen for the hop this month.  I got my component in the mail today.  I was very excited to open it and see which one it was, and….


Ta-da!  I love this little nugget of goodness!  It is a gorgeous purpley-blue depending what light you are in.  The flower is a golden-orange color with a little pink in the middle and a beautiful rustic brown around the edges.  Look at all the color packed into one pendant!  Kind of like a real flower – you keep seeing more the longer you look at it.

I’m excited to get to my bead table and start working, but I have to let it swirl around in my head a few days before I will get the chance.  I wish jewelry designs would pop fully formed into my head like term papers used to in college when I let the research ferment in my brain for a week or two.  (I was fermenting, you understand, not procrastinating.)

I was reading a discussion recently where jewelry designers were talking about waking up from dreams with jewelry designs in their heads.  That never happens to me!  Luckily this beautiful pendant provides plenty of inspiration.  I love the colors and the rustic, glossy beauty of it.  I’m not a gardener by any means, but I think this flower looks like a pansy.  The colors definitely fit with that assessment.

Please come join me on June 30th for the reveal and see what I make with my lovely component and hop around to see what everyone else makes with theirs. It will be lots of fun.  Also, don’t miss out on the Art Jewelry Elements 1000 likes celebration.  To celebrate hitting 1000 likes on their Facebook page, they are having seven (count ’em, seven) giveaways starting on Monday, June 16th. Don’t miss it!  Subscribe to their blog and like their Facebook page to be sure you get to join in the fun.