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I had a very creative weekend.  I can’t show most of what I worked on because it is for upcoming blog hops.  However, I have a few simple things I can share.

I made some earrings for Free Art Friday.  I really thought these two random glass beads I got in a destash were crying out to be earrings, but there was no way my finicky ears were going to have it.  So I made them for a random stranger and kept it simple.  I think they are pretty for summer.  I’m also trying out some new photo backgrounds.  I think this woven one works well with the simple white, but the color will limit its usefulness.  It was tied in a roll with a piece of raffia, so I left a bit of that in the picture too.  Now I think it just looks like something I forgot to get out of the way!  But it’s getting too dark to re-take it, so I’ll just go ahead with this one.

ImageI also made a couple of bracelets that can be stacked together.  They really look nice together on.  I don’t think they look as nice in the picture, especially the one with leather.  But I find it too hard to get a picture of something on my wrist.  I’ll have to fashion some sort of wrist-like prop for bracelet pictures.

Bracelet one:

ImageThis bracelet is made of beads from a necklace I made long ago and took apart recently.  I had a short piece of 6-ply irish waxed linen sitting on my bead table and used that to knot them together.  I intended to use the washer as part of the clasp, but it was too hard to get the lobster claw hooked onto it, and the bracelet was a bit snug anyway, so I ended up adding a ring.  I love the casual made-from-what’s-lying-around look of this bracelet.

Bracelet two:

ImageI wanted a coordinating bracelet that would stack well with the first one.  I love the stacked look, but can only stand about two bracelets at a time.  A big stack is also impractical for my workday world.  I used one piece of 6-ply linen and one piece of 4-ply in a lighter color.  The thicker linen had to go on the outside of the chip beads; it was difficult enough to get the 4-ply to go through them. Although it looks sort of messy in the picture, I really like the hippie look of it on.

Next Saturday, May 31st, is the reveal for Lisa Lodge‘s Ocean Blog Hop.  Here is a very vague sneak peak of my favorite piece that I made for the hop.  Come back then to see all the wonderful ocean inspired creations!