I enjoyed my last Throwback Thursday post, so I’m going to keep going.  This is a necklace I like, but to be honest I never even wore it much back when I made it.  I’m not sure why, but I think I will probably end up taking it apart.  So it gets it’s day to shine here in this blog post.  Back in the day, I frequently did not know what my materials were; I just knew and bought what I liked.  I thought the three large focal beads were painted clay.  Now I believe them to be sandcast glass.

ImageThis is another necklace with some sterling silver that needs polishing.  I didn’t know back then that you could keep sterling from getting tarnished by keeping it in a baggie and squeezing out the air.  I can also tell the “era” things were made in from a few clues.  There are no crimp covers on this piece.  I only learned about crimp covers in about 2009, so this is before that.  Also, I used to be totally snooty about metals other than sterling silver.  That makes me laugh now because I so love brass and copper.  And clearly I could afford to buy sterling and stores carried it at that time.  You’re lucky to find any in stores now, even if you can afford it.


I don’t think this necklace uses the other beads to their best effect.  I really like the light blue beads and could see them with leather, but they have a weird hole situation.  One side of the hole is large and perfect for leather, but the other side is small.  The yellowish orange beads are cool too.  So although I like this necklace ok, I want the beads to be used in something I like better than ok. You might see some of these beads popping up in other designs in the future.

I was getting ready for work quickly the other morning and pulled out another oldie that I thought I’d be taking apart.  It was the color I needed, so I wore it. It’s a totally simple, beginner jewelry maker looking necklace.  But it looked darn cute!  Great to throw on for a casual day.  I think I’ll cover up those crimps and keep it!  This picture doesn’t show it, but the two strands hang quite nicely and don’t really touch each other.


Thanks for reading.  Today is Thursday, or as I like to call it Friday Eve.  The weekend is almost here!