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I went to my bead table with several pairs of charms to make some earrings. One pair didn’t work out the way I wanted, so I was going to move onto the other pair when I found I had misplaced one of the charms.  I wondered if I had dropped it going upstairs?  Did I knock it off the table while working?  When I got back downstairs to write this post, I realized it was still on the table down here and had never made it up to my bead table.  But I’m easily distracted, so instead of looking for the charm at the time, I just went ahead and made a necklace.


A while ago, I had gotten a Jade Scott elephant pendant.  There is a flower in the middle of the elephant’s ear that reminds me of the color of amazonite.  So I tried various beads, but nothing really struck me as right.  Today I had a string of amazonite ovals I was going to wire wrap, but then I wanted to accent the necklace with either the red from the ear (which I knew would be hard to match) or the olive green.  That led me to taking out my leather.  I had a length of thick olive green, but one of the leather scraps I got from Jewelry Accord caught my eye.

Let me just say here that I love mixes and destashes and odds and ends of every kind.  I love getting a variety of supplies in small quantities.  Each leather scrap mix had several pieces of leather in a size good for one or two projects.  I don’t have to buy a whole bunch of one type, and I get to try different colors, shapes and thicknesses.  It’s perfect.  And speaking of odds and ends, I bought a grouping from Niky Sayers shop bitsofniknats on etsy, and I got this fabulous piece of a clasp or buckle.  (She also makes fabulous jewelry, so you should check out her jewelry shop as well.)  I fell in love with this buckle thing, and have been trying to work it into just about every piece of jewelry I’ve made ever since.  Of course I didn’t get a nice picture of it before I used it.  I knew its rustic look would go great with the leather for a clasp.

ImageIsn’t it cool?  I get such a kick out of it!  Here is a picture of the whole necklace. It’s always a challenge to get a good shot of something long like a necklace. Also, it seems like there are two kinds of light here – none and too bright.


I’m really happy with this necklace.  It’s got a casual, rustic elegance I love.  I’m looking forward to working more with leather.  I’m also thrilled that I made something with a Jade Scott item that I believe I will actually wear and not take apart.  I’m not going to lie; I was a bit shocked when I went to my Jade Scott stash to get the elephant pendant.  I’ve got a lot!  I have an idea for another necklace I hope to make soon so another of her pendants can see the light of day.