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Are there beads you feel are unattainable?  Maybe they are by an artist who only seems to sell at the bead shows you never get to go to.  Maybe they are a popular artist whose work is snapped up the minute it is listed, and that’s always when you are at work or out of bead money.  Do you have those bead artists whose work you swoon over online but never think you will own any?  I do.

But I am here to tell you that I have attained some!  I remember when I first saw a Jade Scott pendant.  I haunted her shop, which was always empty.  I worried she had stopped making beads.  But then I figured it out, got on her update mailing list and have a nice stash.  I saw some JoAnne Zekowski beads on someone’s blog, and found she didn’t have much of an online presence.  I hunted her down at a bead show and now hoard a small batch of her beads.


Well, I’ve reached another seemingly unattainable beads milestone.  I recently bought a strand of Sarah Moran lampwork beads.  I have admired her work online. Then I subscribed to her blog so I could see all the updates of new beads and drool and swoon.  I thought that “someday” I would own some.  Well someday is NOW!  I own the Birthday Cake beads, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  First and foremost, please click on that link.  I will post pictures I’ve taken of them, but my pictures are kind of crap.  The colors aren’t showing true at all.  I’ve taken pictures on different days in different light, but I’m just not a good enough photographer.  The website pictures are a true representation of what the beads look like in person.


Another view:


And the best part?  There is a mini-me bead that wasn’t shown in the photos, so that means I can use it and still have the full strand left!  I like to have my beads and wear them too.  One time I bought two complete sets of handmade charms because I was using one charm in a project, and it made me sad to know I would no longer have a complete set.  It’s a sickness.


Who are your “unattainable” beads artists?  i’d love to know.