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I have let my bead table get a bit messy again.  Not like it was, but enough to blunt my creativity a little.  (It doesn’t take much.) So one goal for this week is to clean up my table.  It is mostly that I took things apart and never put the beads I didn’t use away.  I have a method for that – bag them up and put them in the “to be put away” bowl.  I think I will put little bags in the bowl to be even more at the ready to do that after I’m done with a project.  Even having to locate the right size bag is a deterrent to cleaning up.

What do I do any time my creativity is waning?  Make something for Free Art Friday!  Here are some earrings I made.  Everything I used except the head pins were things sitting out on my bead table.  So that means fewer things to put away when I clean!

Another goal I have is to be more creative in the way that I see beads.  I want to think outside the box.  That is not my forte.  I so admire artists who can make something beautiful not only from another work of art, like art beads, but also from something more mundane, like mass produced beads that can be found at one’s local craft store.  Two artists who excel at this are Lorelei Eurto and Erin Prais-Hintz.  Lorelei has done several blog hop challenges involving beads from Michael’s.  Lorelei and participants have come up with so many wonderful designs.  Erin is a part of the Design Team for Halcraft.  Their beads are available at stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s.  The designs she creates for them are amazing.

Even my mother makes these great necklaces, and when I ask her where she got the beads or pendant, she will often say, “Michael’s.”  I think, well I never see that kind of thing at my Michael’s.  That’s just it.  I never see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.  So now it is my intention to go into craft stores whenever I get the chance and try to see things my eyes and mind pass over because they aren’t art beads or necessary supplies.  So while I was out shopping for shoes the other day (ugh!) I noticed a Michael’s and went inside. This is what I bought.

ImageI especially love to get things on clearance!  Two of my four things were clearance items.  One of the full price items I got 40% off.  I had a coupon even though I didn’t plan on going to Michael’s that day because I get them on my phone!  Two bits of technology I love lately are phone coupons and email receipts.  I appreciate saving money on craft store beads so I have more to spend on handmade art beads!  I will work to be able to combine the two and create something unique and beautiful.