I bought this pretty polymer clay pendant by Linda Landig.  I fell in love with the bright burst of color.  It said summer to me, so I wanted to make it into a necklace right away and not hoard it.  That way I can start wearing it the moment summer shows itself, which I keep telling myself will happen…soonish. You can check out Linda’s jewelry and components in her etsy store and her Artfire shop.


As soon as I ordered the pendant, I had some blue beads in mind to use with it. I’ve had them for a long time, and I knew the color would be perfect.  I thought I had some bright orange beads as well.  When I looked at them, I decided they weren’t quite right, but they were in a box of things to be taken apart along with a necklace that had some furnace glass.  I thought the orange and blue tones of furnace glass might work with the blue beads.  I had originally thought about wirework, but with these beads I decided to use a nice blue waxed linen.


As I worked on it, I wasn’t convinced this was what I wanted.  The blue beads are a bit of an odd shape and weren’t really laying right knotted on the linen.  It also seemed too busy.  But there were things I like about it, so I kept going. About 80% of the way done, I decided it just wasn’t going to suit me.  I went back to the bright hyacinth beads I originally thought to pair with the blue.


Although the light today, or lack thereof, is not allowing me to take very good pictures, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  This was the vision I originally had that uses a few complementary beads but really lets the pendant shine.  I should have trusted my original instinct!

Do you ever find yourself going back to your original design idea after trying something else?