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I love using Irish waxed linen in my projects, but sometimes the standard 4-ply is just a little too thin.  I’ve used 2-ply in some projects that needed something smaller, but I had never tried some of the heartier sizes.  When I made a recent leather and ribbon order from Jewelry Accord I noticed there was some 6-ply waxed linen.  I bought some because I knew there were larger sizes, but I had never tried them.  I often like to use chunkier beads but prefer the more pliable waxed linen to thicker fibers like hemp.


In addition to the sand colored 6-ply waxed linen, I used some green and orange raku beads by Keith O’Connor and a Lucky button by Swoondimples as the clasp.  I enjoyed trying a different ply of waxed linen and will definitely be buying more of the larger sizes in the future.