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If Lorelei Eurto makes a new tutorial or e-book, you know I’m going to buy it. She is so innovative, and her jewelry is so beautiful that if I can learn a few techniques from her, I’m going to do it.  She recently offered a new e-book for sale, Faux Stitched Chain with Seed Beads.  It includes four projects based on the technique, but there are a million ways you can go if you use your creativity. I’m usually slow as can be using a new tutorial partly because I don’t have the specific materials.  This time, I happened to have the right chain, some seed beads that would do, and a great clasp.  I always have waxed linen.  I made a bracelet using the base technique just to get the hang of it.


This technique was easy.  That is something for me to say because my mind wanders something fierce, and it’s so easy for me to lose my way.  The materials list calls for size 6 seed beads.  I have no idea what size these are, but they worked.  I need to get some really good seed beads for the future.  These were not symmetrically sized.  But I’m pleased with how the bracelet turned out nonetheless.  I think the pink looks like little buds, so I used a lovely leaf clasp from Daisy Chain Extra.  If you like it, rush right on over to the shop to see what is left.  Joanne Tinley is closing the shop to focus on teaching, jewelry making and writing.


I already have some ideas for how to change this up.  I’m one of those folks who can’t do any of the bead weaving techniques, so I’m thrilled to learn this faux version. I’m anxious to try out the other versions of the technique that include multiple lengths of chain and a blingy one that uses rhinestone chain.