I don’t buy a lot of jewelry.  Don’t get me wrong; I love jewelry other people make.  But since I also make jewelry, I always feel like I “should” be making my own.  Even more than that, I’ve usually spent most of my fun money on beads and don’t have much left over for made jewelry.  So when I buy something, that means it’s spectacular.  

One jewelry artist I really admire is Lorelei Eurto.  She is very talented at using components creatively, combining colors and coming up with innovative and fun designs.  She is also a master at asymmetry.  She has a great eBook about it.  I like everything she makes and own several of her pieces.  The most recent is a clever design she came up with for a leather button cuff.  I am going to link to her listing because her pictures are better than mine.  Scroll through the pictures to see how fabulous these bracelets look stacked.  Here is the picture I took of mine.

ImageI bought this less than a month ago, but I’ve already worn it multiple times. Much of my jewelry only sees the light of day once in a while because I have so much, but this bracelet is going to get a workout, as do the other bracelets I have purchased from Lorelei.  They make me feel hip!  Ha!

This week I also got a necklace made by one of my favorite bead designers, Staci Louise Smith.  I’ve purchased beads on multiple occasions from her bead shop, and I’ve admired her jewelry style for a long time.  I finally purchased a necklace because the focal just blew me away.  I’m so glad she made it into a finished piece.  I never would have purchased the focal alone because I wouldn’t have been confident in my ability to make it into a necklace.  But her necklace is absolutely perfect.  Here is the picture I took of it.

ImageI feel all gushy when I look at it.  It’s absolutely delicious.  

It’s really fun to own and wear other people’s jewelry.  I don’t have any conflicted feelings about it’s not quite good enough; I should have done this and such.  Maybe I’ll take it apart.  Nope.  It just feels good.  My mother makes jewelry but doesn’t wear it much, so we have what we call a “rental program.” When I visit, I “rent” some of her jewelry so it gets worn, and I get more jewelry to wear (not that I really need it!)  The next time I visit, I take that jewelry back and exchange it for different things.  It’s pretty fun.  

If you design your own jewelry, do you also purchase it from other artists?