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I have said many times (and read on other blogs) that a piece didn’t turn out how I originally intended, even if I like it anyway.  I thought it would be fun to show the evolution of something.  It would be better if I had taken pictures of the things that appeared and disappeared on my work table as I went, but at least I can show my inspiration and the final project.

My inspiration were these earrings by Claire Lockwood of Something To Do With Your Hands.  Aren’t they cute?  They remind me of spring, and I am gravitating toward things that can do that right now.  It’s barely above freezing here, but I won’t get into that.

Claire used some painted driftwood beads by Nature Scavenger.  I have a set, and I thought I would make some earrings.  I chose a couple of light turquoise blue and knew I also wanted to use some metal, yellow, perhaps white and purple.  I got out a variety of beads in the appropriate colors and tried various combinations.  None of them were working for me.  I eventually decided that my driftwood beads were too big for earrings.  However, I liked the stuff on my bead table, so I decided to make something using that.


You can see these earrings bear no resemblance to the inspiration earrings, but they would not exist without that inspiration because these items would not have been on my bead table together today.  I got the turquoise discs out to go on top of the driftwood.  The ball-end wheels were one of several metal pieces I tried.  The pearls were part of a necklace in a box of things to take apart.  I had gotten it out because there was a necklace with a bunch of czech flowers I wanted to dangle from my potential driftwood earrings.

Another thing I was inspired to try today is working with these weird metal pieces I bought a while back from You Are Not The Boss of Me.  I love weird stuff because it is fun to try to figure out what to do with it and gives jewelry a unique flair.


I had seen this beautiful necklace by Lorelei Eurto.  Thinking about it later, the Golem Studio dotted tubes reminded me of the metal tubes.  I thought of wire wrapping beads on them to mimic the dots.  I tried bigger and smaller beads, but don’t like how either turned out.  But I’m glad I tried because now I can mark that idea off my list.

I have another inspiration for these.  I have seen earrings made from bullet casings.  Unfortunately, I cannot reference the first pair I saw.  I had the blog post saved in my RSS feed, but when I updated my operating system, all my RSS feeds disappeared.  It was a blogger who did not blog often, so I can’t remember the name!  But I have also admired beautiful versions by Honey From the Bee.

I had a great time today with my inspiration.  I hope you are finding something inspiring too.