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A little while ago, I got some great tile pendants from More Skye Jewels.  The artist, Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp also creates beautiful jewelry.  Check out her store.  I started a necklace with one of the tiles almost right away, but then the project stalled.  I often have qualms about how to connect parts of a piece of jewelry.  The connections never satisfy me, and I also agree with Keirsten Giles‘ blog post confession over at Art Jewelry Elements that I enjoy thinking about making jewelry more than I actually enjoy making it.


Nevertheless, I finally finished the necklace.  In addition to the namaste pendant by More Skye Jewels, I added a paper bead by Gillian McMurray with a chakra symbol on it.  Hanging with the pendant is a handmade silver heart chakra symbol I got long ago from palmbeachkarma on ebay.  I put the whole thing together with wire wrapped glass pearls and voilà.  I’m pretty happy with it.


In addition, I bought some roman glass a while ago, but I’ve been nervous to use it.  It seems so fragile.  However, I’ve seen a variety of earrings made with it, and I thought that would be easier on it than a necklace or bracelet.  I made these earrings. I’m not sure about them.  They might benefit from a greater variety of bead sizes, like making the one bead above the roman glass a slightly smaller size so they don’t look so clumpy.  What do you think?