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A little while ago, Sharyl of Sharyl’s Jewelry hosted a wonderful Clean-up, Fix-up Challenge.  I participated, and it was a great motivator.  I have been able to create more with my cleaner more organized space, and I have kept it clean.  I also intend to continue to organize, and want to provide updates as I go.


I had an epiphany that in addition to organizing my beads, I could organize other things messing up my space.  One of the participants from the challenge, Linda Landig, wrote about wanting to clean up visual as well as physical clutter. That is part of the problem in my space.  Two things causing that sort of clutter were old jewelry I wanted to take apart and things that need to be fixed.  I threw them willy-nilly into a couple of baskets, and it looked a total, unappealing mess I did not want to deal with.

I used my box method and put things that need to be taken apart and things that need to be fixed into separate boxes.  They are neatly stacked and covered while they are waiting.  They are also very portable.  This weekend while I wasn’t feeling well, I brought the things that needed taking apart with me to the couch and took them apart while watching old episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and drinking tea.


I would not have gotten this done so soon if it hadn’t been pre-organized like this.  In addition, I had my little baggies all together and my “dish method” for garbage and beads that need to be put away that I got from Fusion Beads.

I continue to be thrilled to have a nicer working space.  Thanks again, Sharyl!