There are pieces of jewelry I made years ago that still appeal to me but need updating in some way.  One example is this bracelet.  I believe I got these beads at the Bead & Button show when I went wild in a booth featuring mostly lucite beads.

ImageThis is the old rendition complete with tarnished toggle clasp.  It’s a bit difficult to get a good picture with the clear beads.  I needed to re-make this to make it bigger.  As long as I was remaking it, I thought I would incorporate some small changes to update it.  I decided to string it on waxed linen rather than the beading wire it had been on.  I prefer the drape of linen and adding a few knots would allow me the length I needed.  Also, I could use a loop clasp with one of the square beads rather than include a clasp of another material.

ImageAs you can see, it did not change much.  However, now it seems like a more current piece to me, and it fits!  I’ll enjoy bringing this out of storage and wearing it again.