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I struggle with multi-strand jewelry.  My problem is part a rigid idea of perfection in my mind and part a need to increase my skill in making multi-strand pieces.  I fell in love with these round abstract pendants from Nancy Schindler Adams of Round Rabbit.  Everything about them just makes my heart go pitter-pat.  (I also have an idea for the little hankie pendant, but that is further down on my to-do list.) 

ImageThe mix of colors in the pendants is so great, I wanted to use multiple strands for at least one of them to bring that out.  I looked through my stash and found several beads to use with the top pendant.  I had decided on two strands, and was sort of waiting for a third strand with a bit of the right yellow to come my way.  Jade Scott has recently been putting great beads (other than what she makes) in her shop.  When I got my order last week, I was ready to go.  

ImageI really like the way it turned out.  I like the various colors, textures and sizes in the strands.  I think the strands mesh together in a nice way, and I’m actually satisfied with how they hang.  Amazing!

ImageIt’s great when an idea turns out because it encourages me to continue down my path of learning, experimenting and getting things done.