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I’ve seen some really cute memory wire bracelets.  I love these with peanut beads from the Art Bead Scene Blog and this one by Malin de Koning.  I also really like this one by studioRenee using copper spacers.

So with all of these in mind, I set to work with some peanut beads I had purchased for another project.  I did not come up with the finished product that I wanted, but I learned a lot.

Image1)  I need to figure out how to space my colors better so several rows of the same color don’t end up right next to each other.  I thought I was doing that, but it turns out that I wasn’t doing it well enough.

2)  I loved the metal spacers studioRenee used with the beads.  I didn’t have any, so I used some Beadalon tubing.  I think that worked out well as an alternative.

3)  Memory wire is really difficult to bend.  I don’t like how my ends turned out.  My intention was to put charms and wire wrapped beads on the ends, but I did not want to call more attention to them.  When I’ve had more practice, I will do that or perhaps use other methods as described in this video such as memory wire end caps.

4)  Memory wire might not be for me.  It’s very, very round.  My wrist is more rondelle shaped, so such a round bracelet feels a bit tight.  I like my bracelets to be a little loose, or I feel like they are choking me.  Because the wire has such a good memory, I don’t think it will be possible to bend it a little to a more comfortable shape.  I’ve seen tips that you can stretch it a small amount, but that can leave it looking, well, stretched out.

I am glad I tried it.  I have more wire and the memory wire cutters, so I will try it again.  Even if I decide the bracelets are not for me, when I improve my ends, I think they would be a fun Free Art Friday creation since there are so many cute ways to make them.