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A while ago, I saw some necklaces made by sasha + max studio.  They were not terribly complicated, but they used high quality materials – great chirimen cord and handmade pendants – that really complemented each other. I had a Round Rabbit pendant that I had made into a necklace that was more complicated than necessary and didn’t quite work.  I realized I could tone down my design which would make it better.

ImageI finally got some cord from the etsy store Oh So Fabu.  They have great stuff.  Then I ran into my usual problem of not having all the materials like the right size cord ends.  But my goal this year is to get things done.  So I put the materials I did have into a kit together, so I could find them all later and ordered what I needed when I got the chance.  When I ran into a construction snag due to inexperience, I did a little research on Pinterest to see how other people had used this type of cord and came up with an idea that would work for me.

ImageI really love this necklace, and I’m pleased with myself for sticking with it and not just putting it aside when I ran into small challenges.