Someone I know passed away recently.  When she got sick, I wondered what I could do.  I didn’t live close enough to provide material help like rides to medical appointments or stocking the freezer with meals.  She loved art and beautiful things.  I thought I could send cards and make her earrings for when she felt well enough to get up and dressed.  

ImageI’m sad that never had a chance to happen.  But I did not just want to forget the whole thing.  I have read many times about the organization Ears to You on the Copper Diem blog.  

ImageEars to You provides earrings (new store-bought or handmade) to women going through cancer treatment. 

ImageBecause they work with women of all ages, earrings of all sizes and styles are welcome.  

ImageI decided to make and donate some earrings as a memorial. 

ImageTo learn more about Ears to You, check out their About Page.