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When I saw the December sponsors for the Art Bead Scene challenge, I could not believe I hadn’t been to visit JKD Studio before because I troll around (in the searching way, not the rude way) the web pretty good for art beads.  So I clicked over there immediately.  I had heard of artist Jeannie K. Dukic and her Do Over Challenge and Echo Creative Club.  I was checking out her website, and fell in love with her Wrapped Hearts and Lonely Hearts and knew I’d better get over to the store before they were all gone.  (I was right because they are sold out now.)


JKD Studio heart pendants

What also thrilled me was the packaging.  You cannot even imagine.  But I have a photo, so you don’t have to.


JKD Studio packaging

This is actually part of the packaging from two orders.  (More on that later.) Each order included a beautiful little handmade card holder with a business card and an art card.  Handmade tissue, charms, hang tags, that fabulous envelope with the button!  It goes on.  In the lower right corner of the picture, you can see that black and white flower – it’s a handmade topper on a bag of de-stash beads!  Such attention to detail.

I appreciate all packaging, whether it is fancy like this or simple and recycled. But I am so charmed by Jeannie’s packaging because it’s art wrapped in art.  I dabbled in paper crafts and have a deep appreciation of anyone who does paper art well.  I still make the occasional card, but to see such a mix of beautiful papers wrapping and accompanying my orders was a really fun surprise.

Then, I actually won a JKD Studio gift certificate from Art Bead Scene. Yay! Here is what I chose.


JKD Studio beads

The green beads on the right are what I knew I would get first.  They are polymer clay beads wrapped by hand with polymer clay ropes.  I just love their texture.  The orange beads on the left are also polymer clay but have the look of lampwork.  They are beautiful, and as a bonus they are lighter weight than glass.  That can really come in handy, particularly for earrings. Speaking of earrings, those art deco charms are destined to become a pair.

There were many more beautiful things in the shop, and it appears new things are being added all the time.  I just popped over while writing this post and saw some lovely leaf headpins.  Check it out!  I had a grand time shopping and receiving my items in their lovely packaging.  Thank you to JKD Studio for sponsoring the December Art Bead Scene Challenge.