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I got some great new beads recently.  I also saw a tutorial today and actually made the bracelet, part of my new “get it done” philosophy.  First, the new beads.

ImageMy latest pendants from Nancy Schindler Adams at Round Rabbit.  I love, love, love those irregular circular pendants.  I have an idea of the beads I want to use with the black and white hankie pendant.  I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my imagination.  Although I’m not sure that is possible; my imaginary jewelry is pretty spectacular.

ImageAbove are beauties from Marsha Neal of Marsha Neal Studio.  Just gorgeous. I love them.  I also bought some of her hand painted silk cord.  I have already separated out some strands from each bundle for a necklace I have to finish designing.  I am starting to successfully incorporate more fibers into my jewelry.  I love the look!

ImageI took advantage of a great sale over at Sue Beads and got five mixed packages of lampwork spacers.  I love to have a stocked stash.  All the beads are beautiful, but my photo focuses on the package.  How perfect to brand the bag the beads come in.  I don’t have to worry about forgetting where I got them; it will be easy to credit her when I use the beads.

ImageI was surfing around on the web and came across this tutorial for a ribbon and button wrap bracelet.  I am such a huge button fan lately; I’m pleased to have used one today.  I recently bought a couple sets of buttons from local ceramic artist Jenny Blasen.  I found them at a fabulous gift shop that features local artists – Hatch Art House.  I love everything in there, and I’m lucky because it’s a quick walk from work.  A nice way to spend part of my lunch hour.

ImageI got the ribbon at a local bead store that is no longer in business.  It was a great store, but I’m happy for the owner because she closed in order to retire. Their going out of business sale coincided with my burgeoning interest in using more ribbon and other fibers.  I’m glad I bought some when I had the chance, even though I had no idea how to use them at the time.

ImageI love how the bracelet turned out, but this picture clearly shows me how seriously I need to moisturize!  Thanks for reading.  Are you feeling inspired in the new year?