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If you have never visited the Art Jewelry Elements blog, you should do so immediately (but come back here after!)  There are multiple contributors writing “for jewelry designers using handmade and high quality components in their art jewelry” to quote from the blog.

Each month one of the contributors makes a component that is sent to the AJE team as well as several lucky winners chosen at random.  For December, Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio was offering one of her speckle beads to each participant.  I was thrilled when my name was picked!  We were given a color choice, and I chose a lovely brown with white and orange dots.  Of course I got it and started trying designs right away and did not get a good picture of it alone, but here is a close up of it in action.


The original design I had in mind did not work out. But no worries because when you have a beautiful bead, you can use it so many ways.  I sketched a necklace and a bracelet and thought I would probably make the necklace. However, when I got to the beading table, as often happens, all that went out the window.  I still believe each sketch would have resulted in a nice piece of jewelry, but I was inspired by this ribbon.


The ribbon was tied on a package of beads I got from Staci Smith.  I get a thrill any time I can incorporate pieces of ribbon, extra beads or charms used in the packaging of something I have purchased.  The ribbon color was so perfect for Rebekah’s bead and the more bohemian feeling I am working towards in my jewelry making.  I spent a little time deciding which other beads I wanted to use with it and their exact placement.  I’m very happy with how the necklace came out.


Thank you so much to Art Jewelry Elements and Rebekah Payne for letting me join in the fun this month!  I always appreciate it when people list their art bead and other sources.  It has allowed me to find many wonderful artists and shops.  Here are the artists/sources for the other materials I used in addition to the speckle bead:

red aventurine nuggets: Sweet Olive Supplies
off white faceted ceramic bead: Gaea
orange raku bead: Keith O’Connor
faceted glass bead: Miss Fickle Media
copper clasp: Second Surf

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