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As I’m writing this, a winter storm is on the way.  The week ahead promises to be very cold in my area with wind chills reaching double digits below zero. But right this minute, it looks pretty from my vantage point of safety and warmth inside my home.


That is what this little pendant by Kylie Parry reminds me of – the beauty of winter and being safe and warm with the occasional crisp wind on my cheeks. I knew I was going to do something simple with it.  I wasn’t sure I would keep it with the bead it came bundled with, but they looked so right together I decided to leave them.  I even incorporated the cord they came tied with.


Funnily enough, the suede cord I put it on reminds me of spring.  I thought about using brown, but I like the idea of a necklace that melds the two seasons.  Enjoying the beauty of winter and knowing there is a spring to come.

I am very excited about the clasp of this necklace, though on first glance you might not understand why.


After viewing Erin Siegel’s webinar Fiber Findings & Finishing Techniques, I had purchased some of the things I knew I wanted to try, such as fold-over cord ends.  I am slow as molasses in trying anything new, so this is the first time I have tried them.  They were just as simple to use as Erin said in the webinar! This opens up a whole new world to me.  I have several other types of cord and ribbon ends waiting for me to try them now.  Every success spurs me on.

I love living in an area where all four seasons make an appearance.  I would miss any of them if I didn’t see them at least once a year.  Being able to see the beauty of each season makes it worth putting on my boots, taking my umbrella or slathering myself in sunscreen.  I hope you are able to enjoy the weather whatever it is where you are.