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I have an idea for a fabulous bracelet, but I haven’t made it yet.  There is a bit of prep work I have to do on some of the beads I hope to use in it, so that is for another post.  However, I have been busy with other things.

Here are some earrings for Free Art Friday.

ImageA little bling for someone to find on Friday.  I have another idea for earrings based on something I saw recently.  I can’t call it to mind right this minute, but I’ll look around and remember it.  I’d like to make a little stock for Free Art Friday because I’m going to be in other towns for a couple of Fridays this month, and it will be nice to take things with me to drop.  I enjoy dropping in other cities and states when I get the chance.

I also finished a necklace that has been in the works for a long time.  It is so simple you might wonder why.  Well, I’ll tell you.

ImageI work at the bus company in my city.  Last year (yes 2012 – that long ago!) we won an industry award as best transit system of our size.  It was pretty exciting.  When people are outside of something, often they can only see the problems and flaws.  As a rider, I know we are not perfect.  But on the inside, I can see how hard everyone works to make ours the best transit system it can be.  One of the things all the employees got was a pin.  I wanted something more wearable, so I had my dad shave the pin off the back so I could make it into a pendant.  In fact, this is the second pin he modified.  The first one is somewhere but I absolutely have not been able to find it.  I was lucky that there were extra pins at work!

ImageHere are some beautiful beads I got recently from Orly Fuchs Galchen.  She makes these gorgeous polymer clay beads.  They are hollow, so although they are on the large side, they are not heavy.  Clever, right?  After I fell in love with her colors, I saw her list some beautiful black and white beads.  Now I will save for those!  She sells not only the beads, but tutorials about how to make them!  Check out her etsy store.

ImageAnother artist’s work I have become enamored of lately is Gina of White Swan Illuminations.  She makes beautiful pendants and beads.  I clearly have a thing for birds, but she has a wider range of subjects and shapes than I have here.  She also makes gorgeous ornaments, cups, plates and other ceramic items.  You can buy from her directly on Facebook.

One of the bird pendants will be winging its way to my mom.  Hi, Mom!  Here is a preview of your pendant:

ImageThanks for joining me today.  See you next time for more beady goodness!