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I love visiting my family.  It is my favorite thing to do.  I just love hanging with them.  I was lucky enough to recently have several days with my parents.  In addition to being fun people, they are very generous and love to give me things I like.  They have recently started going to estate sales again. They did that a lot when I was growing up.  They collected and dealt in antiques.  I have to admit that although I’m sure I complained as a young person, it gave me an appreciation of old things.  I love old things, well-used and well-loved.  Here are just a few (but by no means all) of the fun things they presented me with this visit.

ImageThese aren’t old, but they are typical of my dad.  I mentioned to him that I needed some props for my jewelry photos.  I said I liked the wood ones, and sent him this blog post by Karen Totten.  By the time I showed up at his house, he had this nice piece of bark and big tree trunk slice.  While there, he let me loose in the yard with pruning shears to cut off pieces of the trees to hang my earrings from.

ImageMy parents bought a lovely cherry table for the living room at an estate sale and went to pick it up while I was there.  It had a drawer with some “junk” in it, including the glass pieces above.  Inspired by a post from Shannon German of MissFickleMedia, I glommed onto them right away, and now they are at home with me for some future projects.

ImageI had also mentioned I’d like some old keys.  Et voilà!

ImageThis is a gorgeous necklace my mother bought me at an estate sale because she said it looks just like me.  It does!  I love it just how the beads are, but I’m going to knot it on waxed linen and use a different clasp.

It’s fun to get lovely surprises or things you’ve asked for from people who know you.  But the best thing is to have people you love in your life and get to spend time with them.  I am one lucky girl!