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I love Jade Scott‘s work.  I had been coveting what she calls her “a lot to say” pendants when I managed to get this butterfly version.  I love it!  It’s so colorful.


One thing I have been working on in my jewelry is doing connections and endings in a way that feel more finished.  I love working with waxed linen, and I’ve noticed that Erin Siegel, one of my favorite jewelry artists, incorporates endings as part of the design.  For example, she will often leave a length of linen when she creates a knot and separate the strands for a nice bohemian look.  I used that idea in this necklace.  I connected the pendant, some beads and the chain with red waxed linen.  It brings out the red butterfly and I think those sprigs of linen really help add to the pop of color.


I also really love all the special patina treated chain available in Shannon German‘s shop MissFickleMedia.  I used two sections of oval brass ocean blue chain.  It’s such a pleasure to use high quality, handmade components like these.


The above picture was edited in PicMonkey.  It was my first try.  I want to make my pictures better.  My main problem is bad lighting.  Whole days go by without decent natural light outside where I live.  So I’m reading up on how to improve lighting and which programs best do (easy) editing so all my photos don’t look flat and the same.

Do you have a favorite photo editing software?