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I have written several times about Free Art Friday.  I have a lot of fun creating jewelry to drop in the community and leave for someone to find and keep.  Well, now here is an even cooler idea – Free Art Friday with another dimension.  Scott Wong, the artist behind Free Art Friday – Wisconsin, has created the event FLOOD the Streets with ART!  The idea is an expansion on Free Art Friday – do a random act of kindness by dropping a free piece of art somewhere in public on November 29, 2013.  Art is defined as anything at all you create; don’t get hung up on whether or not you call yourself an artist.


Earrings I will drop for a member of the public to find on November 29th.  Swirl beads by Keith O’Connor.

I don’t know if this is true in other countries, but in the United States, there is a very overt kind of commercial consumerism that asserts itself on November 29th each year called Black Friday.  Stores open at all hours, interrupting and shortening the family time of their workers, in order to entice consumers into the stores for “deals”.  There are increasing stories each year of fights and people getting crushed in a stampede of greedy shoppers.  I’m not saying everyone is like this.  I know some people enjoy going shopping together at this time, but in general this whole Black Friday thing leaves me cold.  I’m not a huge shopper to begin with (beads aside) and after Thanksgiving I try not to go into stores altogether.  It’s too frightening.

So I love the idea of people all over the world taking whatever they create and sharing it on what here has become the biggest shopping day of the year. To me it speaks of things I care about like art, handmade, local, acts of kindness and thinking in different ways to make the world a better place. Kindness makes the world a better place.  Creativity makes the world a better place.  Not a cheap flat screen TV.  Recently, I became aware of The Story of Stuff Project.  The ideas in their video, including that of sharing stuff – a la Freecycle – is great.

I’m in no way perfect in the pursuit of less consumerism and less commercialism.  But if there are ways I can work toward that, then I want to explore them.  I believe a wonderful way is to spread the word about FLOOD the Streets with ART!  If you create something and are so inclined, please join us on November 29th wherever you are.