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I’m a pretty happy person.  I learned from an easy and fun positive psychology project I did that happiness is 50% genetic, 40% intentional activities, and 10% life circumstances.  I am extremely lucky to have a leg up on that 50% part, and my life circumstances are currently doing me a favor as well.  But I do take full advantage of the intentional activities.  I don’t pretend I’m someone I’m not or wish my life was something different.  I just enjoy the life I have.

The two intentional things I think make the biggest difference in my being happy are gratitude and enjoying small things.  If one “saves” enjoyment for a two week vacation she takes every year, that’s not enough!  I find it’s best to enjoy the good things that happen every day, and be really grateful for all the small things in addition to the large.  Good things do happen every day if you appreciate the small pleasures.

I look forward to my one cup of coffee every day.  During the week I don’t drink it until I get to work, so no matter how uninterested I am that day in going to work (bad meetings anyone?) I have something to look forward to. Reading a new post by a favorite blogger, having a good conversation with a family member, or reading a really good book could all be considered mundane.  But I believe happiness is made up of small pleasures like these, not big, incredible things like winning the lottery that 1) will never happen to most of us and 2) don’t really seem to make unhappy people happy anyway.

One small pleasure (or maybe it’s a little bigger than small!) is getting those bubble envelopes in the mail.  I got one of those recently.


Tori Sophia beads and pendant

I got my beads for the I Love Clay 2013 Blog Hop sponsored by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.  My beads and pendant are by Shelley Graham Turner of Tori Sophia.  They are gorgeous!  I opened the beads first and got a big smile because chartreuse is one of my favorite colors.  I have a desk, filing cabinet and multiple shirts this color!  These beads are perfect for me.  Then I opened the leaf pendant, and it got even better.  I’ve been wanting a leaf pendant.  I also have something in my stash I’ve been wanting to use, and I think it might work with these pieces.  So this little package in the mail and thinking about making my piece for this blog hop reveal helped put happiness in my day.


I hope you will join me and the other participants on December 7th for the I Love Clay 2013 reveal.  Until then, I hope you are able to use your 40% to maximize your happiness.