I haven’t been feeling inspired lately.  That’s not a big deal since I don’t have to get ready for a show or anything, but I miss that feeling of creativity, and the concentration that comes with trying to make something come to life.  It never feels good to be at loose ends.


Luckily, I know what to do about it!  There is always something at least a bit creative I can do.  I have written before about how messy my craft room is. The desk, the paper crafts table and the jewelry making table are all covered and not in an organized way.  It has also become my “I don’t know what to do with it so throw it in here” room.  Bad.  Part of being inspired, at least for me, is having a clean, organized space and being able to see and find my materials.  So, that room is part of my problem.  It’s not something I can solve in one day if for no other reason than I don’t have the attention span for that.  However, starting and keeping with it will get the job done.

I went and did a bunch of organizing today, and then I found myself inspired to make a pair of earrings for Free Art Friday.  Being organized and doing some small creative thing – like making a simple pair of earrings – can keep my creativity from stagnating too long.  It always makes me feel better.

freeartoctfullIt’s also fun to have my little secret all week that I’ll be dropping these earrings for someone to find on Friday.  I had a bit of a crabby week last week and promised myself (and others) I would give myself an attitude adjustment this weekend.  This can only help.

I hope you have a great week.  I plan to!