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I was clicking through some of my bookmarks on the web, and I came across blogger Mama Goes BAM’s 100 Things List.  I love a good list.  Whether or not I actually follow it, making a list helps me feel like I’m getting organized. I love being organized and the pursuit of it.  So I thought it would be fun to make a list of 25 jewelry related things I’d like to do.  I actually made a similar (shorter) list at the beginning of this year about techniques I wanted to learn and tools I wanted to buy, and got quite a bit done.

So, here is the list in no particular order.

1)  Make a beaded bead.

2)  Get a jewelry design published.

3)  Make my own clasp.

4)  Put up a pegboard system in my craft room.

5)  Organize craft room into usability.

6)  Make a decent “messy” wire wrap.

7)  Make a decent briolette wrap.

8)  Make a decent wire wrapped link from the Deryn Mentock tutorial.

9)  Make a decent leather infinity link from the Tracy Statler tutorial.

10)  Make my own tin bead caps from the Lorelei Eurto tutorial.

11)  Learn to rivet.

12)  Do some metal stamping.

13)  Learn to take better pictures of my jewelry.

14)  Take a glass bead making class.

15)  Work with color patinas.

16)  Oxidize my wire.

17)  Improve my knotting.

18)  Use a variety of leather and fiber ends.

19)  Become comfortable making multi-strand pieces.

20)  Use chakra charms in something fabulous.

21)  Re-make a necklace.

22)  Re-make a bracelet.

23)  Re-make a pair of earrings.

24)  Finish Jade Scott earrings.

25)  Make another wrap bracelet.


Tins waiting in the wings to become bead caps.

Items 8, 9, and 10 relate to tutorials.  I buy tutorials I love and then don’t practice.  Tsk tsk.

Item 20 is about some handmade sterling chakra charms I bought eons ago (perhaps my first art beads).  I don’t want them to continue to languish, so I need to come up with a design for them.

Number 24 is because I have these gorgeous drops I bought by Jade Scott and they are almost made into earrings.  But I decided the wire wrapping wasn’t good enough.  I did it over and it still wasn’t good enough, so true to form I just laid them aside.  I know once I finish them, I’ll wear them all the time.

I listed a few easy ones like re-making some pieces.  That way even if I stall on some tasks, I’ll keep moving forward on the list in general.  I’m not putting a time limit on this, but I’m alway hopeful that a nice list will spur me along.