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I want to try everything, but I know myself.  Often, once is enough.  I took a class to learn glass mosaic at a local glass studio and made one mosaic table.


I had a lot of fun making this (well, maybe until the grouting part) and I still love it, but after that I never touched those tools or supplies again.  I took a wire work class, made one necklace and went back to stringing.  I took a metal work class, bought a hammer and bench block that I ended up giving to my Dad when he started working with metal because I used it for less than a month.  My problem is that I don’t like to practice.  While most people probably don’t, they might also have more persistence and do it anyway.

I got back into making jewelry when I found art beads, fibers, wire work and bohemian styles.  Those things appealed to me so much that I wanted to buy all the tools and learn everything involved.  However, since I don’t sell jewelry, making some of the investments needed to do this kind of work would obviously not make sense.  I told myself to start slowly and see how long my attention span stayed focused on this particular hobby.

Well, it has stayed focused, and I’m having a lot of fun.  When I saw Cindy Wimmer‘s book The Missing Link I ordered the e-book and paper book.  I got the e-book right away and saw that the pictures, link instructions and projects are amazing.  I recently received the paper book and was surprised at how amazed I was all over again by the beauty of the book, the links and the projects since I’d already seen them.  This book is like an instruction book and a coffee table book all in one!


My preference in wire is an antique look, so I knew when I made links I wanted to use liver of sulphur or other oxidizing agents.  I also wanted to be able to appropriately work harden my pieces so they would last.  The easiest way to clean and harden is with a tumbler.  I had decided that my winter project is working on wire techniques, most specifically the links in Cindy’s book.  So, when I saw this tumbler on sale at Harbor Freight, I zipped over and got one.


I’m so excited to have this piece of equipment!  I still need some more things before I actually get started making anything, but that’s why I’ve made this my winter project.  I know I’m not quick or prolific in my jewelry making, but I just want it to be fun and a nice creative outlet.  Once I get started, I’ll enjoy showing you what I do.  Even if it’s not perfect.