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I love this month’s inspiration, Owl on Gingko Branch (Scops Owl Under Crescent Moon) by Ohara Koson.

 (Please note this art is copyrighted and is to be used only as inspiration.)

This is a woodblock print, and I love the block print style of art.  The framed piece over the couch in my living room is a set of 14 small block prints by Marvin Hill hand painted by Wendy Hill from their series Periodic Table of Elements.  Koson’s color palette is just so lovely.  I find it calming, and I can almost feel the night air on my skin just looking at the piece.

The elements of the painting called out to me right away as well.  Ginkgo leaves are a favorite of mine, and I have several lovely representations of them, although I didn’t end up using one in my necklace for this challenge.  Owls are also very popular in the art bead world, and I have not been immune to their pull.  And there is something I especially love about branch beads.

I immediately decided I would use an owl tile I have by Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp of More Skye Jewels (who by the way is on a break and posting fun things about refinishing furniture if you are into that like I am!)  I also knew I wanted to use a branch bead I have by Diane Hawkey.  I have been seeing a variety of necklaces where the branch is used as a sort of connector between a focal and the neck strand, and it looks so great.  I used a dark coffee Samunnat spice rondelle from Antelope Beads.


I also thought of these vintage beads I got from Beadtopiavintage.  They are so unique; I had never seen anything like them before.  The little glass half moons the beads consist of echo the crescent moon in the print.  In addition, the fact that there are topaz crystals between the crescents create a nice juxtaposition of sparkle and fancy in contrast to the more earthy elements of the rest of the necklace.

When I went looking through my stash, I realized I had a bunch of things that would work with this color palette.  In the end, I loved the color, look and material of these gorgeous handmade natural clay beads by Joshua V. Davis.  Check out his shop fromNothing.

I finished with some knotted brown waxed linen, Vintaj chain and a saffron yellow toggle by MissFickleMedia that I’ve been hoarding for a while.

I’m so pleased with how this necklace came together.  I love it when elements that I really enjoy individually unite to make a single piece without overwhelming each other.