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Although I love all beads, I have always given short shrift to seed beads because I can’t do any weaving techniques.  I am in awe of people who can take something as arguably prosaic as a seed bead and make something more with them.  When I was in college I had some old necklaces that used a flat weave technique that I wore all the time.  I wish I still had them!  I am particularly in love with beaded beads.

There are so many bead artists I want to purchase from, and I have been hankering after some beaded beads (this link is to a tutorial) by Malin de Koning since the first time I saw them.  I finally got some just recently.  She makes gorgeous jewelry as well, so check out her blog and her store.

Malin had made a pair of earrings I really loved with her beaded beads, and so I used those as a bit of inspiration for my own pair.


I used the last vestiges of the my first batch of WoolyWire and some small polka dot beads.  I love how they feel on.  Very swingy.


Perhaps one day I might be brave or patient enough to try making a beaded bead!