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This post is going up while I am on vacation in New York visiting my sister and her girlfriend.  I’ve been looking forward to this trip.  I go every year, but this year I’m going a bit earlier than usual and that allows me to do things like go to the Brooklyn Flea Market, which is usually closed by the time I get there.

I had decided it would be fun to make something for Free Art Friday and drop it in New York.  I made some earrings.  Someone in Bushwick will get and enjoy these, I hope!


I also was thinking about what jewelry to take with me.  I like to travel light, but I like to wear jewelry every day.  I decided to make a simple necklace that would go with anything that I could wear while I was there.  Problem solved!


I’ve seen this style of necklace many times, and it is deceptively simple looking.  The pieces kept blocking each other and not hanging right.  I think I’ve got a good combination now, but I have greatly renewed respect for people who excel at this style.  I used a leaf by Contents Jewelry, a lovely rustic bead by JeraLunaDesigns (with a Vintaj bead cap) and a little WoolyWire drop.  I’m pretty in love with WoolyWire, and if I have any vacation money left when I get home, I think it will be going to the WoolyWire store because this used up most of my dwindling stock.

I dream of finding some great beading stuff at the flea market, but I know that doesn’t always happen.  If not, I can take solace in the food carts!  By the time I get home, it won’t quite officially be fall (that is September 22nd) but for many of us, post-Labor Day seems like the start of the season.  I had a wonderful summer; I hope you did too!