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Welcome to day 3 of the Bead Fest Pity Party!  Today’s theme is Class of One. We pull out our beading books and other resources, try something new, and share.

The thing I collect and then neglect is tutorials.  I see something I want to try, buy or mark the tutorial, and then it sits because I am a chicken.  But I have to get over the idea that what I try needs to work out perfectly the first time. The artist teaching the tutorial has a lot of experience doing that technique and using those materials.  I need to be patient enough to practice.

First up, I tried a tutorial by Tracy Statler that I bought a while ago to make leather infinity links.  These links are the coolest.  They are so versatile depending on what leather you use, what bead (or beads) you use and what you use the link for – a charm holder, a link in a bracelet or a focal.  So, of course I want to learn how to make this wonderfully versatile item.  Here is my first try.

leatherinfinitylinkMy technique with this infinity link needs a lot of improvement, but I feel good that I’ve tried it for the first time because subsequent times will get better.  I learned some valuable lessons making this one that will help future efforts. Getting started is always the hardest part for me, so this was a great first step.

I also mark many projects I want to try, then kind of go around haphazardly collecting some of the materials and never really getting around to completing the item.  So today I decided to pick a project I’ve claimed more than once I would make, pick out stuff for it, and make it.  I chose the Pod Collage Necklace by Ali on Lima Beads.  I really like a lot of her designs, so it was fun to finally try one.


It varies quite a bit from Ali’s version (no pods!) but I loved the idea of putting a bunch of fun stuff together.  I especially like the WoolyWire wrapped around a channel bead, so I did add that.  I also used a seed bead enameled washer component by Contents Jewelry and an Industrial Chic component by Susan Lenart Kazmer available at Michael’s.

I had fun in my Class of One.  Have you tried something new lately?  Check out Humblebeads last several blog posts to see what our host, Heather Powers, has been up to and see who is having a sale this weekend.  Thanks for joining me.