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Today is day two of the Bead Fest Pity Party.  Welcome!  Today the challenge is to find some inspiration – go to a farmer’s market, museum, park, etc. – and take some photos.

orange flowers

I didn’t have time to stray too far from home today.  In addition to taking part in the Pity Party, I have some home improvement projects going on and a bunch of cooking to do so I use what is left of my most recent farm box before I go on vacation.

But what a lot of inspiration can be found just walking around my neighborhood!  Orange is one of my favorite colors, and I love this beautiful flower with the olive green middle and little white dots that look like Nonpareils.  This is great color combination to use in a piece of jewelry.

rockwall - granite beadsThe rock wall above reminded me of some granite beads I have from Happy Mango.  Maybe I can figure out some way to put them together in a little “wall” as a bracelet focal.


In addition to showing me how close autumn really is, my walk and the things I decided to take pictures of showed me that I take as much (or more) inspiration in shapes and textures as in colors.  I love the look of these stumps, and they remind me of some great wooden beads and buttons I’ve seen lately.

yellow coverI love the industrial look and dotty texture of this access cover.  Although the angle of the sun washed out the pretty yellow color, it brought to mind a dotted connector I got from PottyMouthGems and this fun found object necklace from lilruby that has been one of my etsy favorites for a while. When my first idea for the dotted connector did not work out, I became a bit stuck.  This could help unstick me by associating that component with a different style.

dying grass - brown and green leather lace

This tangle of foliage, some still green but most turning brown, made me think of suede lace.  I thought of braiding some green lace (I have some I got from omekit) and brown lace together for a bracelet and using a Diane Hawkey acorn I have as a charm.

fullsize beads inspiration

I took a bunch more photos that are really inspiring me.  I’m usually very focused on my goal – walking to get to the bus stop, shopping the farmer’s market to get cooking supplies – but this exercise has shown me that if I take a moment to look around, inspiration is waiting for me everywhere!

Let me know about your inspiration adventure.  You can still enter my Bead Fest Pity Party giveaway through Sunday.  And come back tomorrow for Bead Fest Pity Party – Class of One where the challenge is to try something new.