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Stay with me during this post and you could have a chance to win these lovely and colorful pendants from Earthenwood Studio and this nugget of colorful goodness by Natalie Pappas of NKPDesigns.


In order to stave off the blues for those of us who aren’t going to Bead Fest in Philadelphia, the clever Heather Powers of Humblebeads is throwing a (pity) party! This weekend we won’t be at Bead Fest, but we’ll have a festival of fun right here at home.  Heather is hosting on her blog and the Creative Bead Chat Facebook page and has invited us to join in.

Today’s theme is Bust Your Stash.  The idea is to pull out something that has been in our stash for a while, particularly something that is from a large bead show.  We can share a story and a picture, make something with it or have a giveaway.

My art bead stash isn’t all that old, but I thought I’d tell a story and have a giveaway.  My mother and I have been beading for a long time and have attended the Bead & Button Show before.  But my dad has become interested in metal work and beads more recently, and went to his first big bead show – Bead & Button – just this past June.  The picture and story are about my dad and his work.

After I had followed my own very efficient list at the show that let me spend my own bead money in record time I decided to “help” my dad.  It was fun, and toward the end of our time at the show, I led him down the art bead aisle (the primrose path?)  He fell in love with some black and white beads from Sherie Presta Ceramic Beads.  It took him a couple of looks to decide to buy them, but as evidenced by this beautiful hinged bracelet he made with one of them, it was the right choice.

bracelet open

Now, on to my giveaway.  While walking to and from Presta’s booth some brightly colored goodies from Earthenwood Studio caught my eye.  That was the final artist I bought from at the show, and you can win these two pendants from my take along with an NKPDesigns bead that was one of my first purchases when I began to understand what art beads are and started buying them in earnest.

Just leave a comment before midnight CDT on Sunday, August 25th about a bead or beads you have an especially fond memory of buying/getting, and I will pick a name at random on Monday, August 26th.  Make sure I have a way to get in touch with you and check back here to see if you’ve won.

Thanks for joining the party!  Check the Humblebeads blog or Creative Bead Chat Facebook page to see who else is joining in, and hope to see you here tomorrow for more fun.